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    Brand: Adidas

    Barcode : EAR66-4KG
    Built for strength and conditioning, adidas Kettlebells are a staple for any fitness regime. With increments of 4, 8, 12 & 16 kg, the weights are fit for both isolation and compound movements.
    BD 15.610
    i h

    Item Code: EAR66-4KG to EAR66-16KG

    Model: ADWT-11312

    Kettlebells are one of the oldest and most basic types of exercise dating back thousands of years, however the adidas design team has used the latest materials and innovative design features to bring them right up to date. Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells are intended to be used at speed. The design of a kettlebell means that the bulk of the weight is offset from the handle. When you swing or lift the kettlebell, the inertia of the swing can make the weight feel 3-4 times heavier than it really is. In the adidas Kettlebell range are 4-24kg kettlebell weights, so select and use the heaviest kettlebell that you can safely swing.

    • Balanced heavy duty iron construction
    • Wide handle for extra versatility and comfortable grip
    • Available in 4, 8, 12, 16kg
    • Improves endurance and boots cardio stamina