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    ADIDAS Performance Push Up Bars

    Brand: Adidas
    BD 14.500
    i h

    Item Code: EPA003-00BK

    Model: ADAC-12232

    • Designed with a shoulder target and numbered arrows
    • Perpendicular grip alignment promotes the ideal form
    • Three extremely powerful push-up postures
    • Embossed with forward-facing arrows
    • Foam-grip handles provide a pleasant palm grip
    • Three indented, finger-friendly stripes arranged ergonomically
    • Strong "A" frame construction provides strength and stability
    • Push-ups can be performed deeper and more successfully
    • Max User Weight: 120 Kg
    • Brand origin: United Kingdom

    The Performance Push-Up Bars' Perpendicular Grip Alignment Encourages Perfect Form In Three Extremely Effective Push-Up Positions With Numbered Arrows And A Shoulder Target. The numbered positions can accommodate adjustments for the deltoids, major pectorals, and triceps, allowing for more focused and concentrated muscular development. The foam-grip handles provide a comfortable palm grip with three debossed stripes that are ergonomically spaced for the fingers, emulating a more traditional bar knurl. The arrows on the handles face forward. A stiff "A" frame structure offers strength and stability, and the rubber grip underneath allows push-ups to be done on any level surface.