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    Brand: JOINFIT

    Barcode : EAJ0V-00LM
    Size: 183 x 61cm, 4mm thick.
    BD 10.190
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    Item Code: EAJ0V-00LM

    Model: J.T.071

    Joinfit Classic Cork Yoga Mat is for yogis looking for a cork mat that is both great to carry around to gyms and yoga classes but also great for home practices too.

    This classic cork yoga mat provides an amazing non-slip, anti-bacterial and natural surface for your yoga practice with grip that actually increases as you sweat. The best styles for this mat are hot/bikram yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga. Our mats are also great for Pilates and any sort of sweaty cardio exercises.

    Directions for use: lay your Classic Cork Yoga Mat flat with the rubber side down. The rubber has small ridges in the bottom layer to make the mat grip to the floor effectively.

    • Size: 183 x 61cm, 4mm thick.
    • Weight: 2kg
    • Colors: Cork top and grass green TPE rubber bottom
    • 1mm sustainable, natural cork
    • 2mm non-slip, flexible and highly shock-absorbing TPE bottom