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    Barcode : EPNWF-00BK
    Commercial Gym Equipment 10 pairs Dumbbell Rack
    BD 219.480
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    Item Code: EPNWF-00BK

    Model: OK0015B

    • Brand: OK PRO
    • Model Name: OK0015B
    • Material: Metal/Steel
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Type: Rack
    • Color: Black

    The 3-tier, 10-pair dumbbell rack embodies efficient organization and rugged durability. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate and showcase ten pairs of dumbbells, this rack seamlessly blends functionality with space optimization. Featuring three well-spaced tiers, it ensures convenient access to each set of dumbbells, enhancing the fluidity of your workout routine. Engineered for robustness, the rack provides a secure storage solution that promotes safety and eliminates clutter. Its sleek design not only maximizes spatial efficiency but also introduces a modern aesthetic to any fitness environment, whether it's a personal workout space or a commercial gym. The 3-tier, 10-pair dumbbell rack harmoniously marries practicality with style, delivering a dependable and visually appealing solution for organizing your assortment of dumbbells.