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    Item Code: EAN044-00BK

    Model: OK0066D

    • Parallettes are small gymnastics devices, employed in pairs, used primarily to simulate the parallel bars that can be found in professional gymnasiums.
    • MAIN TUBE: 32*2.5MM, 50*50*2MM (L61 x W38 x H70)

    Crafted with reinforced and thickened steel pipes, this double bar rack is built to withstand heavy loads and intense exercises.

    Our double bar rack features an extra-wide base, providing enhanced stability and support during your workouts. Say goodbye to wobbling or tipping, and focus on your form and performance with confidence.

    With its high load-bearing capacity, our double bar rack can handle even the most challenging workouts. From pull-ups and muscle-ups to hanging leg raises and various other bodyweight exercises, this rack is engineered to withstand the toughest training sessions.

    Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or gym owner, our double bar rack is the perfect addition to your strength training routine. Strengthen your upper body, improve your grip strength, and build your core muscles with this reliable and sturdy training tool.