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    Barcode : EPNYC-2_5KG
    High quality rubber provides greater-shock-resistance perfect for dropping repeatedly.
    BD 8.900
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    Item Code: EPNYC-2.5KG to EPNYC-30KG

    Model: OK1012

    • Brand: OK PRO
    • Model Number: OK1012
    • Size: 2.5-50kg with 2.5kg increase
      • 5-100lb with 5lb increase
    • Material: Rubber
    • Color: Black

    With its seamless one-piece design, this dumbbell ensures optimal performance and durability.

    Crafted with comfort in mind, the ergonomic grip provides a comfortable and secure hold during your exercise routine. The rubber material not only offers a pleasant tactile sensation but also prevents any discomfort or slippage, allowing you to focus solely on your workout.

    Built to last, our Rubber Dumbbell is highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan even with regular use. You can count on this dumbbell to withstand intense workouts without compromising its quality.

    Furthermore, our Rubber Dumbbell is designed to be floor-friendly. Its non-abrasive nature ensures that it won't leave any marks or scratches on your flooring, giving you peace of mind while exercising in any space..