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    REEBOK Fitness Mat - Green Halftone

    Brand: Reebok
    BD 18.500
    i h

    Item Code: EAR0012-00GR

    Model: RAMT-12236GN

    Fitness RAMT-12236GN Mat will be useful to anyone who appreciates the comfort of exercising. Due to the fact that it is thicker than the standard ones, it provides maximum protection and stabilization of joints, supporting you in working on the correct technique. Regardless of whether you do yoga, Pilates, run or just do a few crunches in the evening, a training mat is something that will be very useful to you and you will appreciate its benefits. The mat is made of NBR foam. Textured surface sticks to the floor for maximum stability during training. You will fully focus on the accuracy of the exercises without fear that something will happen to the mat. An additional advantage is the ease of cleaning the mat. If you practice yoga, you can do all your training comfortably on the mat. Of course, not everyone chooses an activity that can be performed in one place. For runners, the mat will be useful for stretching after training or for performing stabilizing and complementary exercises. If you only occasionally do a few push-ups and sit-ups, you'll also need extra support for your spine and joints. It comes in 173 cm x 61 cm Size and green halftone color.